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Post Operative Rehabilitation

Postoperative Rehabilitation

Postoperative Rehabilitation

Medical specialists and Physiotherapists have developed a standardized protocols to post-operative conditions based on an extensive review of current surgical, and rehabilitation literature.

The post-operative rehabilitation guidelines provide health care practitioners, and all stakeholders with post-operative treatment plans and general recovery guidelines. Our experts at the ‘Get On Track’ Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre will customize these standardized protocols to each individual .

Some of the developed rehabilitation guidelines for postoperative condition,  are listed below:

• ACL Reconstruction
• Achilles Tendon Repair
• Ankle Ligament Reconstruction
• Ankle Replacement Protocol
• Arthroscopic Talocrural Loose Body Removal and Debridement
• Calcaneal Ligament Repair with Tendon Graft
• Carpal Tunnel Release (open/endoscopic)
• Decompression/Acromioplasty ( with intact rotator cuff)
• Hernia
• Meniscectomy (complex)
• Meniscectomy (simple)
• Most Ankle Fusions and Bone Grafts
• Rotator Cuff Repair
• Wrist – Arthroscopic Procedures
• Wrist – Open Procedures