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Locomotion gait training

"Get On Track" Cosmos Locomotion Treadmill Training

People who have experienced a spinal cord injury (SCI) or any other gait dysfunction may benefit from locomotor training which is an activity-based therapy. Locomotor training is a type of therapy that helps improve and recover your walking movement through challenged practice and lower extremity weight bearing.



Benefits from therapy to recover locomotion:

Benefits from therapy to recover locomotion:

Trained ‘Get on Track’ Physiotherapists will work with you in locomotor training to improve the quality and technique of your walking and other functional mobility activities using cosmos treadmill devices, which include:

  • Body-weight-support treadmill training
  • Body-weight-support overground
  • Overground activities (walking or standing)
  • Functional electrical stimulation
  • EMG guided Gait control

Your locomotor training will be based on your individual needs. Your individualized plan of care will integrate activity-based therapies of locomotor training into your home and community setting, including your daily living activities, transfers and overall mobility. Therapists may also  incorporate other physiotherapy modalities, into your treatment plan when appropriate.

Intensive Locomotion Training results improved daily stepping in individuals poststroke who have been discharged from Physiotherapy because of a perceived plateau in motor function. These improvements are related to the amount and intensity of stepping practice.

Treadmill training is applied manually, with the assistance of therapists to facilitate  an upright posture and a normal stepping pattern. A recent study has demonstrated that the levels of leg extensor muscle activity recorded in clinically complete SCI subjects significantly improved over course of several weeks of step training.