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At Get On Track, every session in the recovery of my ACL/meniscus knee repair was tailored according to my speed of recovery. I like to call Dr. Semir a body engineer: a builder of muscle and a designer of joint flexibility and tissue coordination. Not only does he understand how every bone, muscle and joint is connected but also how to get them to heal, strengthen and move properly.



''Ned provided me with excellent services in my recuperation from a sports injury (running-based). Ned is very analytical -- and passionate -- about his work and in working with physically active people. His testing-based diagnosis and rigorous recuperative training program assignments led to my full and early recovery. More importantly, from Ned I learned a great deal about how to improve my diet and my workouts so as to avoid future injury, and to so to further optimize my physical training, both running and core development.''


Paul Fraipont | VP & GM at UTC CCS Fire Protection Systems

''Ned successfully guided me through many months of recovery after Achilles rupture. Despite his relatively young age he has already acquired a vast knowledge and experience in his field. However what I most like about him is his passion for what he is doing and a striking dedication to constant professional development.''


Pawel Stefanek | Chief Operating Officer at trovicor FZ LLC

''Ned has provided me with quality physiotherapy services since back surgery in 2013. He provides quality time and detailed input on actions to get my range of movement and performance back to 100%. I have no reservations in recommending Ned to other potential clients.''


Alistair Munro | Director at Cumberland

''Ned is an exclusive type of professional, he has the capacity of tackling the most awkward issues technically and medically with diligent and open minded solution, he has what it takes to treat the most demanding clients toward the most complicated medical cases. I can say literally Ned saved me from undergo a complicated surgery for neck.''


Firas Alqaysi | Project Director at Arabtec Construction

"The best experience ever encountered from the many physio therapist I had visited.
Rima Shalhoub is friendly, easing my painful sessions with small talk and genuine concerns about things that does not concern her. A small follow up text and guidance is always extended after each session outside the clinic walls, what better way to receive personal advice on what to do when needed the most! "


Jessica Laplaige Cai

I am an accident prone man in my late 30s and I feel genuinely reassured by the fact that Rima Shalhoub and the Get on Track team are close by and ready to admit me into their care. Over the years, I have gone through torn shoulder ligaments needing surgery, torn right ankle ligaments needing surgery, torn left ankle ligaments, and several pinched nerves. In all cases, I have decided come straight to, or transfer my physiotherapy from the hospitals in question to Rima and GoT only to be rewarded by a quicker and better recovery than expected. Every single time, I was sent back into the world in great shape and ready to face the outdoors without once reinjuring the same body part. Next time I injure myself, at least I can look forward to the same familiar and mightily capable faces. By the way, parking is also a breeze – don’t act like that doesn’t matter.


Jad Raouda

I injured my knee on the 24th of December 2016 and started rehab in Get On Track immediately after my surgery. From the start it was an incredible experience, it was a slow start with trying to build up muscle again but it was all worth it in the end.
I loved being at get on track with Semir and Rima and would definitely go back if I ever needed to.


Razan Khawaja

I have been going to Get On Track for almost a year, my experience with them has been wonderful. The staff are very friendly and impressively knowledgeable.
I suffer from distonia; it’s a rare disorder. I had with great pleasure to be assigned to Rima as my therapist. Rima is knowledgeable but most of all she’s a very caring person, always felt invested in her patients, she goes out of her way to assess and research constantly improving on my treatments. I definitely recommend Get on Track to every one if they are looking for results.


Ghaith Al Mansoob

So much prefer the therapy offered here than regular physiotherapy. Very personal attentive service but the big thing is that they use manual treatment as well as corrective exercise. Jumana has helped me through various injuries and falls. Highly recommend.


Janet Manning Waite

“I had a frozen shoulder, it got worst with the exercises my previous therapist recommended, then my doctor asked me to visit Get On Track. Samir, he senior therapist at GOT took a totally different track, pain vanished quickly with mobilization and soft exercises. I did not even need any injection and stopped taking anti-inflammatory. Was like magic. When Samir went on holiday he refered me to Joumana who has been really helpful and professional. I really like how she listened to my problems and requirements then gave me clear explanation and guidance. Then in just a few sessions I improved a lot. She is experienced, welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. I cannot recommend her and Samir enough!!”


Nakhle El Hage

I visited got on track last year as i was suffering from shoulder pain and got introduced to the lovely physiotherpists Jumana & Rima where they diagnosed my problem and started giving me the treatment and from then my shoulder is getting better and better every day. I highly recommend get on track to anyone who is looking for physiotherapy sessions!


Mira Jouaneh

I got a referral from a friend to visit get on track for my foot injury so i went there and started getting physiotherapy sessions with Jumana where she helped my foot to heal well from the second session. I highly recommend get on track for their great service.


Tawfiq Amarin

We went to G.O.T with low expectations since my moms doctor discouraged us from doing lymph node drainage, saying it is not effective, but we thought we shall give it a try. It was obvious when we first met Semir and Tania that they knew what they were talking about. Tania, my moms therapist, was professional and someone who had and showed alot of passion to what she does. She showed alot of care and concern towards my mom, and made us aware of the do's and don'ts while giving us all the support. Al hamdolilah, the results were amazing and exceeded all our expectations. So, my mom and everyone in the family appreciates the work and effort that has been done. Thank you Tania .



Due to my scoliosis I suffered from back pain for a very long time and tried a lot of Massage Therapists in Dubai, but after a few days the pain and headache came back. At Get on Track I finally found professional, certified and excellent Physio- and Massage Therapists that right away understood how to treat my case. After two sessions I already felt much better and my headache was gone! Thank you Get on Track, thank you Tanja!



I have been a patient of GET ON TRACK for several years for the treatment of various sports related injuries. I can highly recommend the professionalism of the entire team, particularly Tanja for her therapeutic sports massages and Ned as a physiotherapist.



I never believed in Physiotherpy and sports massages and their effect of healing till I was lucky enough to meet the Get On Track team..
After trying all kind of pain killers and injections I decided to give it a try in this amazing place, and since then I felt much better and the amazing team also taught me how to manage my pain and do my exercise on my own, such a friendly environment and well trained professional team with an awesome smile all the time.
Thank you for your services…


Huda Dib